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Where Innovation Meets Banking

Unlock the potential of your digital assets ! Building wealth through strategic and the perfect blend of saving and investment.

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Our streamlined payment process are designed to go further to better suit your need, saves much time and effort.


Get prequalified for the best loan rate againts your digital assets.Unleash your potential with limitless access to high liquidity capital.


Digital portfolio's to grow your assets, power your wealth with strategic digital investments in one click from your account.


Securing your digital assets in an offline vault with an instant availability, liquidity , low transaction fees and low latency.

About Us

Pushing the limits of possibility

Our Mission

Providing a better, faster, and smarter digital assets system solutions to individuals and corporations, saving time and flexible services for unbanked digital assets . Providing high transactions and make use of the unused crypto assets to support our economy activities.

Our Vision

Provide low latency to scale billions of unbanked wallets transactions. To comply the highest level of statutory and regulations. To be efficient and high capacity system. To be flexible, secure to ensure the safety of the assets. To foster innovation and competitions in digital activities.

Our Goal

Creating innovative ways for digital assets and to responds the new breed of banking, payments trading insuring customers by providing bespoke crypto and fiat banking systems, payments, a multi trading system and insurance solutions for every clients.

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What we do

Empowering digital assets


You can choose when to convert and receive your funds to any bank account. Our platform provides a faster alternative to traditional transfer.


Our deposit rates are designed to offer a seamless and efficient way to strategically position your assets for wealth maximization.


Built in next level technology, secure and conveniently transaction system. Built in with 2FA step verification and automated confirmation.

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Why Choose Us?

Make your point without breaking a sweat

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Securely grow your digital assets

Innovative system focusing on customers to hit their goals by providing multiple portfolio's, vault and intergrated liquidation tools. We're providing one stop management for digital assets and fiat platform.

Seamlessly manage your transaction

Supporting of top Digital currencies with free transaction fee, the lowest compare to wallet platform. You can deposit, transfer, and withdraw your funds free of charge and manage your assets in single dashboard.

How it works

It's easy to grow with us



Fast account opening by simple form to join



Confirm your email and Mobile No. via OTP



Send your digital asset or fiat to your account



Manage and grow your assets without hassle

Fixed Deposit Rates

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile



2%/ 30 Days
  • Lock in Period 360 Days
  • Get Profit Every 30 Days
  • Profit Rate 2%
  • Minimum $100,000.00
  • Maximum $500,000.00


11%/ 180 Days
  • Lock in Period 180 Days
  • Get Profit Every 180 Days
  • Profit Rate 11%
  • Minimum $10,000.00
  • Maximum $100,000.00


9%/ 90 Days
  • Lock in Period 90 Days
  • Get Profit Every 90 Days
  • Profit Rate 9%
  • Minimum $1,000.00
  • Maximum $50,000.00
Deposit Placement Scheme

Grow your assets with us.



$100 /30Days
  • Interest Rate 50%
  • Per Installment $100.00
  • Installment Interval 30 Days
  • Total Installment 48
  • Deposit $4,800.00
  • You Will Get $7,200.00


$200 /30Days
  • Interest Rate 60%
  • Per Installment $200.00
  • Installment Interval 30 Days
  • Total Installment 60
  • Deposit $12,000.00
  • You Will Get $19,200.00


$500 /30Days
  • Interest Rate 30%
  • Per Installment $500.00
  • Installment Interval 30 Days
  • Total Installment 36
  • Deposit $18,000.00
  • You Will Get $23,400.00

Embrace the Digital Revolution!

Experience convenience ! Watch your assets grow


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Our Global Agents

I had opened an account 2 years ago, I feel safe keeping my funds in easterntrust secure vault. Their investment schemes plans are really helpful.

Adam Gilly


The is just awesome, best quality service ever I had. You can trust them and manage funds. Their back to back lending plans is the best solution

Maria Ahsan

Managing Director, YY

I had opened an account 1 year ago to manages my stable coins in offline account. their have experience to swap my digital assets to fiat instantly.

Michel Johnson

Founder of ZZ

Best quality service ever I had. The transfer system is just awesome. The beneficiary listing system makes it quite efficient. Recommended.

John Abdullah


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about us, direct deposit and withdrawal. Learn how to enrol, how to notify us if you problem with the transactions. Email us at info@easterntrusts.com for more information.

Anyone with valid ID may signup, we don't take any fees for opening an account.

Yes, you can convert Usdt and transfer to another bank, out automated conversion to fiat done via our exchanger partners.

Complete sign up form, KYC Form and personal details by clicking Sign up Button on the top bar. Your account will be ready for transactions. You may also open account offline directly via selected branch officer in your locations. contact us for assistance.

No, we don't provide our account holder's information to any third-party organization.

We do, and thanks for wanting to tell others about us! To share your referral link, sign in and click on "Refer a friend."

We have several FDR plans with various fixed rates. Choose the best plan suitable for you and just click on the Apply Now button and block your assets.

Yes, we are operating for global clientelle providing unbanked and offline digital asset owner with a solutions to streamlining economic activites. Our services is not available to the countries where they are not allowed.

We are not a traditional bank covered by federal insurance scheme. Easterntrust operated under special license of Georgia freezone authority. All client assets are protected under custodial terms and kept in secured offline vault protected by offshore Insurance firms.

You may call our hotline number provided in your welcome email. Your account is built in with helpdesk ticketing system operated 24hours a day.

Multi Currency Deposit


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